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Does Boric Acid Kill Termites
By Frank Reece

Boric acid can be used as natural insecticide to kill termites. The vast majority of boric acid is produced in the U.S. In Death Valley, California you will find borate being mined in open mines. Not only is it mined in Death Valley, it is also refined there. The borate mineral through chemistry, thanks to a reaction with sulfuric acid, turns to boric acid. Boric acid should not be ingested, inhaled, or injected into the blood stream. Other than taking these precautions, there are no major potential toxic concerns.

If you would like to kill with boric acid, you can thank P.F. Harris for the idea. In 1922 he invented the Roach Tablet. This product took on many different evolutions. As a matter of fact, even today's "Roach Motel" is based from his 1922 invention. As of 1985 the U.S. Patent Office had on their books 200 registered products containing boric acid.

In fact, the best way to keep wood safe from is to treat it with boric acid. Framing Lumber, a New Foundland lumber company, started treating their wood with borates back in 1955. They treated the wood to combat the large scale destruction done by termites. From 1955 forward, any home constructed with borate treated wood ever had a termite infestation or wood decay.

If you would like to kill

termites with boric acid t is an inexpensive product. You can find boric acid in just about any drug, home improvement, or discount stores. It comes as a white powder, which is odorless. It comes in different size bottles. Boric Acid is the main insecticide used in most of the commercial and store bought termite pesticides and baits.

You may wonder how exactly boric acid kills termites. Like any other pesticide it's not a humane way to kill termites, if there is such a thing. Basically, it will shut down the termite's nervous system. The termite will go into "shock" and the boric acid will simultaneously dehydrate the termite.

The best way to use the boric acid to kill is to use bait stations. Get some wood or other cellulose material and treat it with boric acid. Bury it in the ground near your house where you know you have an infestation. Keep monitoring all your bait stations. As the bait disappears keep adding more boric acid treated material to the bait stations. Make sure you put a lot of stations in the ground. Termite colonies tend to contain tens of thousands to millions of termites. The will carry the boric acid treated bait back to the colony. In time, the boric acid will kill off a great number of the colony or completely wipe it out.

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